Serious Tips For Removing Rust The Smart Way

Removing rust can be a thorn in anyones side even to the most experienced person if they do not have the right rust remover to help them out. For example, we avoid touching anything rusty because it is somewhat difficult to remove once it has stained your skin or clothes. There is also an unpleasant odor associated with rust. It is also not safe to inhale or ingest this type of substance. If we are removing rust especially from our fixtures and appliances, we have to watch out to not damaging the surface area of the appliance and so we tend to rub more slowly as we get rid of the rust.

At the same time, most people dont realize the devastating effects of many home cleaners. Many people are using some home cleaners that are giving off toxic fumes when they use them and are not even aware of it. Ordinary cleaning agents tend to have toxic and harmful chemicals that not only can endanger our health but also threatens the fragile environment. We all need to clean our homes to provide a clean living environment but you also want to be able to breathe good clean air in your home and not toxic fumes that these cleaners give off.

Fortunately technology has opened up some many opportunities and different cleaners like a organic rust removers that literally eliminates the rust from all types of metals but at the same time healing the environment rather than hurting it. Since technology has improved these green and natural cleaners to be safe for the person to use and also the environment. Unlike the toxic chemicals of the old times, the do not release harmful fumes that when inhaled will cause upper respiratory problems and cause pain to our lungs. There is no fear of these products to cause cancer or other ailments like asthma or worsen the conditions of those people who have immunocompromised.

Most common homes have an abundance of couches, tables or washers that their main structure is made out of metal or iron. Rust occurs when moisture oxidizes these metals and to help us protect our investments we try to keep the rust from forming on our prized possessions. With the latest cleaners on hand, you wont have to work so hard scrubbing because these new rust removers do the work for you. You don’t want to scrub so hard that the paint comes off. The latest and greatest ways of organic rust removal can add a dash of the rust remover and let it remove the stain for you without any scrubbing.

Rust can be removed easily using the latest line of cleaners and with the knowledge that these products are eco-friendly and safe to use, we are certain that our precious metal and iron possessions can continue to be of use to us. By having the proper natural cleaners to use we will not longer have worries about destroying our precious mother earth. We can save the planet and get rid of rust by using these natural cleaning products to clean up our homes.

Fix Iphone Miami: For The Money Smart Consumer

Apple’s devices like iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and MacBook help the many users to take full advantage of their mobile device while not having to fork over a lot of cash to do so. Technology has really managed to bring a lot of great things to the world. It is no exaggeration to say that technology has shaped the world as it is now and it will continue to do so going forward. The impact of technology has been felt in many ways. It may be on a grander scale such as the more sophisticated equipment that is now available to the scientists to conduct some of the most complex experiments in history or it may be something as simple as the phone in people’s hands. In that regard the iPhone perhaps more than any other mobile device so far has changed the world the most.

The iPhone is a truly revolutionary mobile device. It has taken the concept of a mobile device from one that was already pretty versatile and made use of good technology to one that can now rival the capabilities of any fully functional personal computer. In effect the iPhone is the result of the evolution that has been experienced by the mobile device and the product is indeed incredible. The iPhone is beyond just a device for communication.

It can act as a web browser, a camera, a music and video player among many other capabilities. The iPhone really has proven to be the most useful mobile implement device to date and the great amount of people that are currently using it is evidence of how incredibly popular it has become. One of the other very useful features of the iPhone is the fact that apps can be used on it and these apps help to give the iPhone added functionality.

Apple devices come in all sorts of forms and they really serve in making their devices even better than they are at present. It is one of the foremost reasons for why the device is so popular and their highly developed apps at the app store are yet another wonderful thing about the device. Indeed there are great offerings by developers that are made available for the iPhone that will not cost any one so much as a pretty penny. They come in all sorts of forms and really help to turn the iPhone in to a real powerhouse.

Their apps make the device even better and the users are the real beneficiaries of that. Being an Apple user will not spare you from the damages that other device owners experience like broken screen, water damage, battery malfunction and others. With this concern you can go to fix iPhone Miami, they are well verse in handling iPhone and iPad repair. If you are looking for a dependable repair shop for your gadgets, especially for your Apple devices, fix iPhone Miami can be of help to you. They know how to handle iPhone and iPad repair too.

Smart Carpet Describes The Newest Magic In Carpeting

SMART Carpet specializes in customized shop-at-home full service flooring. SMART Carpet now offers a remarkable new carpet product called Magic Fresh Carpet. Using a patented chemical combination, SMART Carpet’s Magic Fresh Carpet is beyond stain resistant; it is now odor repellent as well. Magic Fresh Carpet is the newest carpet technology available at SMART Carpet.

Customers who have tried SMART Carpet’s Magic Fresh Carpet have been returning overwhelmingly favorable reports. SMART Carpet examined comparative product testing results that showed the impressive odor neutralizing capabilities of Magic Fresh Carpet. According to the experts at SMART Carpet, some of the most notorious and tenacious of household odors were no match for new Magic Fresh Carpet. SMART Carpet says that Magic Fresh Carpet even handled odors like cigarette smoke, pet accidents, and food spills.

The Magic Fresh Carpet compound has the dual strength of blocking new odors and eliminating old ones. In addition to its groundbreaking odor eating technology, says the team at SMART Carpet, Magic Fresh Carpet is also made with environmentally friendly materials. SMART Carpet says that the safety and effectiveness of this new product is a boon to customers with young children or pets. With Magic Fresh Carpet from SMART Carpet, parents can enhance the hygiene of their home without compromising the health of their family.

Another excellent quality of SMART Carpet’s Magic Fresh Carpet is that it is self-renewing. SMART Carpet explains that this makes Magic Fresh Carpet retain its odor destroying attributes for several years. By any measure, says SMART Carpet, using Magic Fresh Carpet in a home is a valuable investment. For any customers considering carpeting as their flooring choice, SMART Carpet suggests the use of Magic Fresh Carpet technology. SMART Carpet explains that Magic Fresh Carpet works in tandem with ScotchguardTM and other carpeting treatments. With this added feature, SMART Carpet has experienced a welcome increase in satisfied carpet shoppers.

Smartphones – A Smart Gadget For Your Use

Today is a world where most things run on gadgets. It’s almost like our world is incomplete without gadgets. Among all these gadgets the tech gadgets rule our lives. Today almost every person uses a cell phone. There was a time when cellular phones were meant only for the rich. Today the cell phones are no longer a luxury but have become a major necessity.

With so much of technological advancement the cell phone has seen a major change. Initially the phones were only meant for making and receiving calls and sending and receiving text messages. Today is the age of the phones which are not just cool but equally smart so they are rightly called the smartphones.

Smartphones are cell phones which offer advanced capabilities; these have functions similar like that of any personal computer. These gadgets not only play music and have cameras but also support an entire operating system. It also has advanced features that provide a platform for application software.

To simplify the entire thing, one can conclude that the smartphone provides you with all the facilities that a personal computer or a laptop would provide you with. The other features offered are the e-book reader, external USB. It’s like having a computer in your pocket. There are different types of smartphones which have a whole lot of facilities.

These phones have larger screens, bigger memory space and allow you to send and receive not just text messages but also multimedia messages. Most of these phones come with cameras and hence one can also take and store pictures on the smart phone. This smart phone is not just a phone but a smart tech gadget too. It’s like a computer and phone all rolled into one. There are a number of companies in the market which have marketed their smartphones, and with these phones being so popular they are not very expensive. However, one can always find the expensive varieties in the market.

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5 Smart Tech Solutions to Boost Your Business

In today’s world, small and medium sized businesses are shifting their trends to equip their workplace with the latest technology. It helps them to conduct business in a strategic way and plan their business to get the competitive edge. Shifting the trend towards technology helps better product development, customer tracking and the marketing process.

You might have taken steps to get your business invested in the latest technology, but there may be a number of things that you have not yet considered. The following strategies will help you perform your tasks in a timely manner. Time saving and accuracy of work will be enhanced, allowing you to conduct your business more effectively. Here are some of the technology-based strategies that will help you in boosting your business.

1. Using Social Media to Boost Sales

Social media networks are helping small and medium sized businesses attract more customers and target them effectively. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are driving tools for your business to boost sales. With the proper implementation of social media strategy, you can enhance your brand, become prominent and interact with both your existing and potential customers as well as building an online community. There are several online communities that can provide a platform for your business which will help keep you ahead of your competitors. Hire a social media strategist to boost your sales.

2. Ensure Proper Online Platforms to Conduct Business

Things have changed a lot with the evolution of technology and that is why most companies are using different online systems to conduct an effective business operation. For example, finance managers use QuickBooks and Oracle to conduct all financial transactions, reporting and forecasting. Rather than relying on paperwork, the managers can easily conduct financial management in less time.

Similarly, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is helping owners build a better relationship with customers, checking on their past transactions and communicating with them.

Workload management has made it easy for owners to keep track of their employees on their tablet or mobile without having to meet with them directly at a designated place.

You can adopt these systems according to your business nature and requirements.

3. Connecting Teams Virtually Within the Company

Create employee portals and team sites to help individuals work successfully across the organization, irrespective of where the location is or the team. You will wipe out “corporate silos” that cut off communication because workers can now use technology to connect with others working on similar projects or find specialists to answer their questions throughout the organization.

4. Implementation of the Cloud System

The Cloud System is a very useful system used today by many small and large companies and has moved the technology paradigm for private companies. The Cloud System is a reliable and inexpensive way to store important documents, files and other business related items. With different plans from monthly to yearly packages offered at a low price, you can simply store your documents online. It will not only give you a safe platform for storage, but it will also allow your employees to access the documents, no matter where they are.

5. Develop a Mobile Application

We have all been reliant on technology, and the next step is developing a mobile application for your business which can bring about an interesting change. A well designed application for your business can open up the opportunities to build customer interaction and give them updates about your business. People are frequently on the move and don’t have time to access your website on a laptop. With a simple mobile application, your customer can get the latest updates about your business and stay in touch with just a single tap.

I hope that these tips will help you generate more traffic towards your business. By shifting your business to different technology-based strategies, you can generate additional revenue and manage your time and employees more effectively.

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MTN, Huawei launch smart water metering solution

MTN and Huawei have jointly launched the Smart Water Metering solution, “the first Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) solution in Africa”. The solution is designed to help MTN develop their NB-IoT services to explore new markets.
MTN, Huawei launch smart water metering solution
©Jozsef Szasz-Fabian via 123RF
The Smart Water metering solution enables the automated collection of utility meter data, while manual meter reading leads to high labour costs and missing or inaccurate data. Through sensors installed in water meters, customers can identify water pipeline leakage earlier. Household water meters will automatically report data on a regular basis, reducing fault probabilities and the operating expense.

Powered by the NB-IoT technology by Huawei, the sensor array is designed to serve as a diagnostic spine that underpins network management. The data gathered can be used to control waste water flows from each property, identify faults across the network and improve health and safety outcomes.

NB-IoT is a new technology that will extend the utilisation of IoT by making it more efficient to connect objects requiring a long battery life and are located in hard to reach areas to the internet by ways of mobile connectivity. This Low Power Wide Area technology will connect more objects to the Internet of Things. The strong growth in the NB-IoT market has motivated many analyst firms to create forecasts showing the expected numbers of connections as well as the revenue potential. Generally, the global IoT market is expected to be worth trillions of dollars by 2020, and there will be a very promising market with 450 million cellular IoT connections needed in Africa.

A better connected Africa

Babak Fouladi, group chief technology and information officer, Interim SA CTO of MTN, commented: “NB-IoT is viewed by the industry as the answer for enterprise applications in a range of different areas, from utility meters to sensor monitoring to asset-tracking. In line with our strategy to explore new enterprise markets, MTN is glad to lead the application of this new technology in Africa. Now we’ve succeeded in the commercial trial of smart water metering, the first NB-IoT service in Africa, and looking forward, wildlife tracking, smart farm, and smart parking, etc., lots of services will be available to bring us a better connected Africa.”

Jacky Chen, managing director of Huawei MTN Key Account Group, said: “The number of cellular IoT connections in Africa will grow seven-fold over the next three to four years, and NB-IoT will be a key driver for this trend.”

The Smart Water Metering service from MTN will be commercially deployed in 2017. MTN and Huawei will showcase a live Smart Water Metering Demo and other IoT services at AfricaCom 2016 in Cape Town, 15-17 November.

IoT in Africa – Signaling traffic burning up mobile radio resources

IoT is already deeply embedded in Africa’s industrial and commercial infrastructure. Because Africa doesn’t have the same extensive legacy applications and infrastructure as Western countries, African businesses are in a unique position to leapfrog over interim technology and adopt IoT solutions more easily. Smart technology allows smart management of farming, water and electricity and even endangered species.
IoT in Africa – Signaling traffic burning up mobile radio resources
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Today in Africa, IoT technology is already being used to help farmers increase their yields, reduce water wastage and prevent overuse of pesticides. Through accurate measurements of insect monitoring, weather and soil moisture, farmers have powerful control over production throughout the growing season. For example, South African farmer Cobus van Coller can view on his computer screen in his cab the precise yield and moisture levels on each part of his field, as his harvester mows down corn stalks.

Other applications such as Silent Herdsman and Moo Monitor can be used by dairy farmers to track cows’ ovulation cycles to ensure that they are inseminated at exactly the right moment to produce as much milk as possible. Cows are not the only animals that are monitored. As part of an effort to protect threatened species, black rhinos in eastern and central Africa are relaying their movements back to anti-poaching teams through signals transmitted from their ankle collars.

Infrastructure needs to keep pace

As the number of rapidly-growing connected devices increases, African operators will need solutions that will enable them to connect more devices using the same infrastructure.

IoT requires that each device send small amounts of data periodically. When the signaling messages related to these data transmissions are added up and multiplied by the number of devices connected to the network, the impact on network congestion is even greater than the increase in data traffic caused by the plethora of mobile devices.

Network applications need to communicate with their devices to determine network status including key information on which parts of the network are congested, the location of the device, its wake-up times, and who has authorised access. The increasingly large number of messages due to state changes on the radio spectrum can result in the inefficient use of resources in both the network and the device, for example:

• Push notifications can be sent to a large number of devices within a small time window, creating huge spikes in signaling and congestion on the radio spectrum.
• Devices can send frequent “keep alive” messages just to ensure the network address translation (NAT) port remains open
• Devices can ping the network every few minutes when unable to connect to the application server

When each of these inefficiencies is multiplied by thousands of devices the extra load on the network can have a negative impact on performance.

Streamlining signaling

The best option is to support more intelligent signaling in order to reduce congestion. Using this approach, inefficiencies with signaling can be eliminated by streamlining and orchestrating the data traffic to reduce the number of signaling messages related to state changes. The sending of unnecessary data control messages can be managed or delayed until there is a more opportune time for transmission.

Signaling can be tweaked to improve network performance. For example, data control messages can be delayed, queued and then transmitted in batches and signaling messages can be balanced over time to prevent bursts.

These optimisation techniques can reduce data signalling events by 5%-15%, reduce RF state changes and save battery life. By influencing traffic flows at the network core the increased efficiency is automatic and all signaling traffic is optimised.

IoT will most likely continue to be used in Africa to better manage water and electricity consumption and to improve agricultural yields. As the number of connective devices grows operators will need to manage the increase in signaling traffic, and orchestrating at the core could be the most practical solution.

FocusOnMedia: Growth of on-demand television

Personally, I prefer to keep my DSTV subscription because where else in the world will you get the sports coverage that Supersport provides? Because of that, I hadn’t even bothered to look at the Showmax or Netflix offerings.
Image by 123RF
Image by 123RF
Yet, after many enthusiastic conversations with friends over the holiday season, curiosity got the better of me, both as a consumer and as a media person. I was left with the impression that if you’re not a sports fan, you would be mad not to switch to on-demand or at least have a look at the shows on offer.

On-demand offerings

On-demand services have a much lower cost than traditional satellite offerings. Showmax costs just R99 a month and Netflix has offerings that range in price from $8-$12 (although with our exchange rate at the moment, that could change heavily month to month!).

Both services need an internet connection but it doesn’t necessarily need to be superfast as many may assume (me included). I’ve been told that really smart technology allows the services to adapt to the available speed – the talk is that Netflix is superior when it comes to this, allowing a higher quality of streaming.

Showmax and Netflix also both have a lot of content to watch! DSTV’s exclusivity deals prevent some shows’ availability on Netflix resulting in less content than the global library. I suspect this will change over time. Showmax is able to offer local content, but Netflix has a number of exclusive titles that are getting very good reviews. Overall, very little separates the two offerings.

What I realised was that if you love binge watching TV series – On-Demand services is the way to go! It might be a season behind but you can watch episode after episode, series after series. If you suffer from FOMO from not having the very latest content, you might want to reconsider. I’ve noticed however, that with rising living costs – a lot of people are willing to sacrifice the latter for a large variety and a much lower cost. After all, you only get the very latest content if you have the top premium traditional subscription.

The biggest drawback of these services in South Africa is the cost of internet access.

The biggest drawback of these services in South Africa is internet access, and more importantly the cost of internet access. Like so many global trends, this reality puts South Africa a few steps behind. For years they’ve been talking about data costs becoming more affordable and more widely available, and whilst we have seen progress in this regard – it has been extremely slow, especially in comparison to the rest of the world. But at some stage we will reach the tipping point – and media consumption is going to be heavily affected across all segments as internet access becomes a given.

Impact on target audiences

TV fragmentation is starting to have a major impact across all viewership in South Africa. To date the impact has been limited in the mass market but with increased digital offerings and the imminent switch from analogue to digital TV this is expected to start growing significantly. But in the top end, TV fragmentation is a stark reality. The top programme for LSM 9-10 at the moment reaches just 8% of the audience. Compare this to reaching 19% with a similar programme 10 years ago. And it just gets worse if you are looking at a target audience under 35. On-demand services are just going to keep this trend going, and probably even exaggerate it.


This top end of the market (that can easily access these services, and have the funds and internet connection that is needed) have the ability to choose what they watch, and to make it ad free. While this audience might be smaller in numbers – they are a very important audience to many brands, especially premium brands. As the economy gets tougher, their importance is likely to grow as advertisers start competing for a very limited disposable income. But I also wouldn’t discount these services to just the top end. I think the youth across the country, those with enough access to the internet, will definitely have their interest piqued.

With a media lens on, it is very clear to see that fragmentation amongst top end consumers have been growing at very rapid rate – and it is probably going to get bigger. For the mass market, it feels like we’re on the edge of a tipping point. At some stage it will tip, and reaching that market is going to become a whole lot more difficult. Exactly when that point will hit, who knows – we’d need to hire an extremely talented fortune teller to know that. After all, we’ve been talking about the impact of DTT for more than eight years already.

Now our job in the media industry, to reach audiences, becomes slightly trickier. Consumers have the ability to avoid your communication if so choose. Our challenge is how do we get consumers to choose to engage with us as the balance of power continues to shift away from advertisers? As a consumer, you have the power to choose, and the availability of choices just keeps growing

Smart Fortwo Edition Citybeam Builds on Mercedes’ Smart Car Appeal

The smart fortwo edition citybeam model of Mercedes Benz’s smart car comes as a coupe or a cabrio, and builds on the emotional showroom appeal of the smart fortwo that was first launched just over a decade ago. The smart fortwo is a car built specifically for the urban environment and one which shows, according to the German carmaker, that “thinking big” refers to innovations rather than centimeters. The exterior of the smart fortwo edition citybeam is designed to catch the eye with a striking and futuristic look that combines elegance with dynamism as it zips around town. In combination with the silver tridion safety cell the body panels available in light blue, silver metallic or matt anthracite are accentuated by headlamps with a titanium-coloured background, LED daytime driving lights and 3-double-spoke alloy wheels with a blade-like design that gives them a sporty appearance. The citybeam logo in the mirror triangles adds a further distinguishing detail. This striking look for the smart fortwo edition citybeam is carried into the car’s interior, which features integral safety seats in black leather optic with crystal grey stitching, a 3-spoke leather sports steering wheel with steering wheel gearshift and crystal grey stitching, instrument panel in black leather look with double stitching in crystal grey. The crystal grey stitching also features in the two colour (crystal grey and black) knee pad and velour floor mats sporting the citybeam logo. A large panoramic roof on the smart fortwo edition citybeam coupe lets in plenty of light. Air conditioning with automatic temperature control and an audio system basic with USB/AUX interface for driving sounds are designed to create a ‘feel good’ atmosphere inside the Mercedes smart car. Other interior features are electric windows and a luggage compartment cover. Mercedes Benz looked at the specific demands an urban environment places on getting around from A to B, including of course heavy traffic, when it designed the smart fortwo smart car. The resulting smart fortwo proves, says Mercedes, that “cars can enhance city life rather than limiting it.” Since its introduction, the smart fortwo has greatly improved over the years. The 52 kW, low fuel consumption smart fortwo edition citybeam offers ease of parking and impressive ‘zip around town’ ability and while it might not necessarily lead the pack in steering and handling when compared to rival models, Mercedes’ smart car is still one of the most novel, innovative and clever cars on the market. Those rivals include the Fiat 500 and Chevrolet Spark. A distinctive small car in its own cute and memorable way, the Fiat 500 is another great city car for tight spaces and manages to pull off short, tall hatchback proportions without looking awkward and on the inside, high style with relatively low cost materials without necessarily looking that way. The Chevrolet Spark is a five-door hatchback minicar that’s three feet shorter than a Cruze compact sedan. It doesn’t look as small as it is until it’s parked next to something big, like a Chevy Suburban for example. The Spark’s accent lines, exaggerated wheel-opening flares and black-plastic panels that continue the window line all help to alleviate the tall-box-on-little-wheels look, as does the tailgate spoiler. Published at:

Tech Support For Computer Repair and PC Optimization – Tech Icode

Pc Optimization can be recognized as the vital tonic to boost up the computer system. It has become the major area of concern for the users. Many computer support firms are creating strategy for computer or pc optimization. They are using problem solving techniques and implantation of third party software to take care of all the technical issue. I will focus this content to take care of some common problems. Unfortunately you may face problems where your display gets frozen and applications stop replying. Even you cannot close the windows of some program. This is the dreadful scenario. The reason behind could be lack of RAM, disease of malware or mistake in operating system. Notice the time of the freezing, in most of the cases your system will be able to recover the regular scenario by standard without any attempt. But if the things are not in benefit bring out the Process Administrator program with simple key pad activity: Media the ‘Alt’, ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Del’ control buttons all simultaneously. You would area to a Screen structure, now search down the system which is resulting in the mistake and choose to end the system. Now, again you can start the system and get the normalcy. Note: IT Support firms say that reduced value of RAM is the primary reason behind hence to prevent frequent repeating you may update the RAM. However, you may not be fortunate every time. If the issue is not resolved with the Process Administrator then the main cause may be viruses disease or data file crime error of Operating system. If you do not have any suitable anti-virus, than opt for the best one available in the marketplace. Some reliable titles contain, McAfee, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and so on. Before making obtain, make sure that they are suitable to your windows foundation. The part of the anti-virus system is to check out and eliminate any viruses, malware, viruses, remote monitoring software, root kits and so on and do the computer or pc optimization. A firewall is a device or a set of devices, which can be applied in any of the components, software or hardware both. All the information passing through this software is verified to meet some stage of protection requirements. It functions as a pc protection barrier, which examines all the inbound and confident traffic to and from your pc or network based on the software configurations. There are some common types of firewalls like: Circuit gateways and Hybrid firewall, Application level gateway, Packet filtering firewall. Application level entrance software performs on the applying layer of the method collection. It performs more wisely than the bundle filtration software. Packet filtration firewall investigates the information in the headlines of the message packages. There are some factors based on which the filtration can be added or removed from the firewall are IP address, Ports, Protocols. Now there are many companies in the marketplace which are leading provider for the pc support and all technical support services as well. But every company has its rules and regulation to solve the problems of your system. Some are able to solve you with the great technologies like advanced troubleshooting in your computer system. These companies are really the best part of the market and cover up all the home and business network. Computer repair is really a great technology which make your system running fast or virus less. Published at: